CAM Recruiting, Inc.

Achieve Your Goal. Hire the Experts.
CAM Recruiting, Inc.
The name synonymous with Community Association Management Placements in Florida since 1990

No Registration Fee

Complimentary Resume Revisions

No Credit Check! No applicant is denied based on economic distress.

Fees: You will pay a one-time fee of 5% of the agreed-upon starting salary when you accept employment. If you are a newly licensed manager who has taken the
Gray Systems course, you will receive a special reduced, flat fee.
(Contact us to learn more about this special arrangement.)


    To register with CAM Recruiting, please download this form in a pdf format. Print and mail it to us. Upon receipt, you will be contacted to discuss your skills, experience, education and desires for employment. Your realistic salary goals will be discussed as well as your need for health insurance, flex time plus other pertinent information. We gather as much information as possible to make a close fit with prospective employers.  

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