Frequently Asked Questions of Career Professionals

When registering with CAM Recruiting, you will receive a complete resume review and it will be formatted into a modern, updated version to appeal to employers. You will also receive 1 45-minute coaching session with unlimited access to coaching via email, or telephone support from the time you register until you have secured a position. 

No. We do not collect your social security number. We feel that in no way should an applicant’s credit score have any bearing on whether CAM Recruiting will represent someone for employment.. When you receive a job offer from an Employer, CAM Recruiting uses a third party screening service to conduct a comprehensive background search. At that time, you will be asked to provide personal information including your social security number to a secure site. 

We are not a job board. CAM Recruiting delivers personalized service to both Career Professionals and Employers.

Protecting confidentiality is important to CAM Recruiting. Hiring and job searching are most often conducted with discretion. While useful, social media poses a risk to confidentiality. 

When CAM Recruiting is asked to assist with talent selection, we carefully consider both the goals of the Career Professional and the search criteria provided by the Employer. 

Frequently Asked Questions of Employers

Employers pay a one-time fee of 5% of the employee’s salary upon a successful hire. 

CAM Recruiting sources, pre-qualifies, and narrows the candidate pool down to only highly qualified professionals that meet your hiring needs. The fee includes retention services for up to two years to both career professionals and employers. 

While there are no guarantees for human resources, if performance is not achieved through coaching within one year of a hire, CAM Recruiting will restart the selection process at no cost to the employer.

Florida is at-will state. Probation is indefinite.