Frequently Asked Questions

There is a one-time, lifetime registration fee of $49.99.

We will advise our managers about today’s trends of resumes and what information employers expect to see on them. We will reformat/revise/reword yours as we see necessary. We want all CAMs to showcase their skills and eligibility even when applying for jobs on their own.

No. Protecting personal data is important. We feel that an applicant’s credit score should not have any bearing on whether CAM Recruiting will represent someone for employment.

Upon the contingent of a hire, most hiring associations ask CAM Recruiting to arrange for a background screening. Sometimes, associations use their own means. When CAM Recruiting is asked to conduct a screening, we submit all sensitive information from our secure server to National Applicant Screening. Results are delivered securely and confidentially to the hiring association and to the manager.

We are not a job board. CAM Recruiting consults with associations to determine their specific hiring criteria and we consult with CAMs to determine their career goals. When a manager’s needs meet this association’s hiring criteria, we contact those managers.

We feel employment is a private matter. Confidentiality is very important to us and Facebook, while a useful communication tool can create a security breech for both employers and employees.

Salaries depend on several factors from geographic location to skills, qualifications, education, and prior experience. Salaries are usually set by an association’s operating budget.

Employment in Florida is probationary indefinitely. Some employers begin offering benefits immediately, while others have a 30 to 90 days waiting period.

Simply, we are the only firm in Florida that dedicates its entire operation to Community Association Management Recruiting and Consulting! We support our managers throughout their entire career and job search with sound advice and guidance. Once you register with CAM Recruiting, we continue a relationship with you for the duration of your career. We have built the trust of CAMs since 1990.